(How to) Verify a client is not an undercover pig

By “Sha”nequa Nelson

Hi, this article is not wrote from rumors or something you hear from your idiot friends. This article comes from ten years of experience of being in this business. And since I am not getting paid to give you my experience or my wisdom, you are welcome.

First thing to understand is that LE does not follow their own rules. No matter how cautious you are, even if you only offer legal services like massage or companionship, undercover officers get overzealous and will arrest or cite and release anyone they can. Even when no illegal acts are being offered. Why? Because cities do not report actual conviction numbers but arrest numbers to the state when seeking funds. Hence the more arrest made the more funds a city can request from the state because the problem seems much bigger than it actually is. Below are tips to help keep you safe while dealing with overzealous LE:

1.) Undercover cops don’t have to tell you they’re a cop. That’s a myth. If every cop had to answer truthfully when asked if they were a cop, sting operations wouldn’t get very far now would they? Never ask if someone’s a cop, it just makes you look ignorant. By law cops can and do lie. Cops have even been caught lying under oath.

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2.) Never accept calls from “blocked” or “restricted” numbers.

3.) Money/donations/your fee is for your time only. So prices can be given over the phone legally, but not in exchange for any sex act. Sex with your clients is prostitution which is illegal in all 50 states and should terminate any phone call. It is okay to offer 15 minutes for $xxx.xx (enter the amount that you charge) or 30 minutes for $xxx.xx or an hour for $xxx.xx because you are only selling your time, which is legal.

4.) References/client verification: Make sure that you ask clients which escorts they have used before and then verify they actually did see said escort by calling said references before accepting them as a new client.

5.) For those without references, you can accept employment/identity verification. For this you will need their full legal name; day, month and year of birth; their phone number and a blank email from their work account. This email account must look something along the lines of Ima.Gentleman@CertifiedBusiness.com and include a signature with their work phone number or title and department. You need to be able to do quick public record search that confirms they are both employed and who they say they are.

Alternative method: You can also ask new clients for a pay stub, or a work ID/badge, if they can’t provide you with something from where they work, you can refuse service.

Third method: Work verification for new clients: Simply call the clients job and say so and so applied for credit on a new car stereo and I’m calling to see if he actually works there? Yes that’s it, thanks bye.

Use client verification services like P411 or Verify Him

TIP: Make your clients feel “special” and turn them into repeat customers or Sugar Daddies. Once you have enough “regulars” you can avoid stings altogether.


Sting operations prefer that you come to their room / “out call” because they can make multiple arrest that way. However, vice cops will come to your room or home / “in call”.

6.) Vice cops will be driving a small vehicle usually a Ford two-door and will always have two vehicles.

More on undercover police cars from SuperUnleaded: As technology moves on, the days of twin aerials on the roofs and lights cut into the rear bumpers are long gone. But if you know the tell tale signs the unmarked cars can still be identified.

You won’t notice until you pass, but look inside and you’ll spot the large ANPR screen and buttons for the sirens and lights on the dashboard.

You’d need to have eyes of a hawk to spot it, but the infrared camera now sits behind the rear number plate. One of the letters on the plate is mirrored so the camera can see through.

Look closely at the front number plate from the side and you will see it sits further forward and has a strip of LED lights either side.

The cop pretending to be the “john” will come to your room by himself, knock and wait for you to let him in. By law an undercover officer can not make an arrest until some offer of sex is made for cash, drugs or whatever. Once the deal has been made the “john” says the code word and opens the door allowing his partners in. But as I’ve mentioned before overzealous undercover officers do not follow their own rules. I’ve received numerous personal accounts of this. Here’s one:

“I’m a provider in Salt Lake city, and I have been busted both in and Outcall. I did luck out both times and was not charged the first time. Just warned. And the second time I took it to a jury trial because it was bullshit. And the judge dropped my charges the day of my trial. I had an undercover officer expose himself to me when he walked into my room, to prove he wasn’t LE. Go figure. They had no recording of the conversation between he and I and money was never offered or given. They simply didn’t have a case. And after a year and half the judge dropped the charges. They were thinking they could scare me into accepting a plea bargain, but I didn’t. I almost did but I knew they didn’t have anything real against me. Anyone with common sense would agree with me. I’m so glad I didn’t cave in and take their plea offer or I’d be on probation now. I hate worrying about being busted everyday when I’m just trying to earn a living. I have two kids and one’s in college. I’m just a normal American worker bee with a family to support. I just don’ have a 9-5 job. I’d pay taxes if it were legal. It would actually make life easier for me if I could prove my income. Anyway like you said we need to ban together and get this stuff legal and start going after real criminals. Keep me informed please. Thank you.”

I mention the kind of vehicles that vice cops use because if you charge $200. hr. or more your clients will drive Lexus, Mercedes, or some other high end vehicle, not Fords. Federal, state and local LE all have to buy Ford or Chevy’s and almost never drive anything else. There are exceptions to every rule, LE has used high end vehicles they impounded to make drug bust/stings. (More pictures of police undercover vehicles below, for reference.)

You can also position someone across the street with a cell phone to monitor the vehicles coming and going from your hotel or house. If they see two vehicles come together they call you and when the client knocks, just don’t answer. It’s better to lose a client you’ve never met than to be cited or arrested. Also, do not expect the pigs doing a sting to adhere to their own rules, cops lie, all the time.

7.) Whenever you go out on an “out call” date, drive around the clients house/hotel a couple of times. If it is a sting you will see a couple of black and whites and narc cars sitting around the corner.

When doing “out calls”, always check every room in the motel/house before any deal goes down. If it is a sting, one of the rooms will be full of pigs.

8.) Undercover cops are equipped with transmitting or recording devices, this type of electronic equipment is miniaturized. A police agent who’s “wearing a wire” is unlikely to be uncovered by a mere pat down. The equipment can easily be hidden in hard articles of clothing, such as belt buckles, boots, etc.

It is possible to detect, track and locate police officers (hidden or otherwise) by using their own radios and mobile data terminals (MDT) as locater beacons.

As an example, say the input frequencies to a particular Motorola 800 MHz trunked radio system used by your local corrupt police department are 811.2125, 811.7375, 812.2125, 813.2125, 814.2125 and 815.2125 MHz, with the MDT input frequency at 815.7375 MHz (all data is taken from public FCC records).

Police vehicles equipped with Mobile Data Terminals are always broadcasting on the MDT repeater input frequency. This is because they need to send acknowledgements (ACKs) when they receive data. By monitoring the MDT repeater input frequency, you can be alerted to the presence of a hidden or approaching police vehicle. The closer they are, the stronger the signal will be.

If you ever hear encrypted voice transmissions (a static burst followed by a beep) on the repeater input frequencies – RUN!

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2010 – Ford debuts the ultimate stealth Police Interceptor concept at SEMA – a customized version of its all-new Police Interceptor sedan goes undercover that’s not only stylish but full of high-tech surprises. (11/01/2010)

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