Slave training

By Mistress Naomi

1. Clothes off. 2. Put on everything in this bag – EVERYTHING. Cuffs go on each wrist, the chain draped over the limb right above your head. You might have to stand on your toes to stay comfortable – deal with it. 3. Before you cuff yourself, your clothes and cell phone go in this bag, zipped up. Cell phone off.

Well, look at this. A whore,”  “Ready to go and play, whore? Or have you had enough already? Convince me that you do. Tell me what you’ll do in exchange for being untied. Don’t turn around yet. Stay right where you are, Gag yourself for me, boy.

Are you still going to suck my cock, you little slut?

Do you want to be in pain, whore? And what about humiliation? Do you like that too? Well, look at you, Ungag Need a cock to plug up that hole? You’d better not get your slobber all over my carpet, whore. Gag and choke on my thick cock.” While I force your head down, rip your hair and shoot my hot cum down your throat. Swallow it all so that you don’t waste a drop.

Something wrong, slut? Then you can start by getting me four beers from the kitchen. Good. Now get down on your knees, And you’re going to stay right there and not move a fucking muscle until I need something from you, do you understand?

Do you have any objections to drinking piss? You will drink my piss, You will drink my cum. You will take beatings. You will do whatever is expected of you. A slut who knows his place.

How about cigarettes? Come over here and be my ash tray. Open. Hold it. You’re not to swallow until I finish my cigarette, Good ash tray. Swallow now.

Come over here to your nice master, slut. You want a drink to wash that down? Feel the warm trickle of urine start down your throat. Don’t worry, slut. I’ll have you out of those clothes and tied up nice and tight as soon as I’m done with dinner.

Cuff your hands in front. This is your blindfold. All right, slut, This is where you’re really going to get it. The cuffs around your wrists are carefully fastened to the headboard with some chains. That’s right, slut. You’re not going anywhere tonight, so I hope you’re nice and fucking comfortable.

Well, slut? Tell me you want to get fucked. You can’t say it? Too embarrassed?

You’re already laying here with your legs spread like some kind of cheap hooker. Just say it. Tell me you want to get fucking nailed… Well, if you won’t say it, I’ll wait. Here’s your toy.

Like I said, I hope you’re comfortable, whore, Because you’ve got a long time to lay there… You’re going to lay there, helpless, and you’re going to cum and cum and cum…you’re going to cum until it fucking hurts. And then you’re going to keep cumming. You’re going to get even more scared every time you feel an orgasm coming…

Hey, slut, I’m starting to get horny. So I think this is the part where you get fucked… You’d better not cum before me, or you’re going to be one sorry bitch. You even think about it and I’ll blister your ass.

You’re not fucking satisfied, are you? You want to suffer, don’t you, bitch? Spread your legs. You are my painslut, give me your balls, bitch Take my foot in your mouth, painslut. There. Looks like you’ve gotten off enough for the night.

Goodnight, painslut! I’ll be back for you tomorrow!”

These shoes are a size too small, I think. Good. I want to see my painslut in some fucking pain. Tighten all the straps good. Oh, that’s good. Walk around in these all weekend. You don’t like them very much?

Like I give a shit. It’s not like you can do anything about it, Walk, slut. There’s always nipple clamps, Blindfolded, gagged, tied, clamped, and horny as hell. And there is nothing you can do but wait. You’re in for an interesting day.

It’s a cock cage, There. Now you won’t be able to get fully hard or touch yourself. And it’s not coming off until I think you deserve it, so you’d better do everything I fucking say to you or I’ll send you back to school with it on…

All right, then, painslut, you’re going to be my urinal, my ashtray, and my cum dumpster for the day, Keep walking, whore. I didn’t say you could fucking stop. Lazy little shit! Do you think you’re anywhere close to being done?!

It’s a butt plug, bend over. If you can manage not to cum, I’ll send you straight to heaven, But if you are a bad boy and you have an orgasm from this thing in your ass, you’re going to get put through hell tonight…

I don’t want to hear a sound from you. Just sit there and be good boy. If you cum, I’ll make you regret it all night… You like being choked, too, don’t you? You sick little fuck. You really are a painslut, huh…

Feel a hand holding your cock and balls, and something sharp, perhaps a needle, poked through the cock cage and against the head of your dick. Find yourself hitting the most intense orgasm of your life.

You lasted an hour and forty-eight minutes. Twelve more minutes and I would have been able to pleasure you tonight. What a shame. I guess I’ll have to really fuck you up, then… You’re a fucking nuisance, and I’m disgusted with you for cumming without permission, so you’re going to sit here perfectly still and silent until I decide that I’m not mad at you anymore. I’d like to forget that you’re here at all, so keep that in mind… You are being punished. I think I’m being pretty generous, punishing you with boredom for now and not horrible pain and humiliation. Aren’t I being generous, slut?

No noise. No moving. You’re just going to sit nice and still and think about all of the awful things I’m going to do to you tonight, and if you get bored, well, tough shit. Do not look anywhere but this fucking corner again. Your punishment has been decided, slut. For the heinous crime of cumming without my explicit permission, you are going to be used and abused for the entire night, without sleep…

Anything to say, slut? You haven’t even begun to be sorry. You’ll know what sorry actually means tomorrow morning…”  “We’re starting at 9 and doing four two-hour shifts. If all goes well, you’ll be tortured seamlessly all night. No breaks. No escape…

Put this bag over your head Tell me, slut. What would you like to happen to you tonight? You’re not just going to be hurt. You’re going to be tortured,” “You’ll be screaming and begging for mercy. And I will not listen to you…you brought this on yourself, you know. Hold onto this, Don’t drop it or cough, I’ll make it even worse. You’re going to get my cock ready, and then you’re going to fuck yourself with it. Can you handle that much?

Don’t drop it, and don’t close your eyes. And don’t you dare slow down! On your feet, slut. Because tonight, you’re going to get trained as my puppy. There. This won’t be coming off for a long time, It shows everyone that you’re an owned slut. You are, right?

You’re my puppy. You don’t talk, Let’s hear you whimper for cock, what do you say? Now get licking, you fucking whore, Come on, boy. Let’s go outside for a few laps around the yard, You should go to the bathroom before we go back in, You’d better let go of your pride, slut, because we’re standing out here until you go. It doesn’t bother me, I have shoes on.

I’m getting bored with you, I’m going to put on a movie. Get over here, I’m going to use you as a footstool.

On the couch, slut, What’s the most painful thing anyone has done to you? You better learn to take real pain if you’re going to call yourself a painslut. And you’re going to learn, here and now, Slap your cock hard with my open hand.

If you want more vibrations, you need to ask for pain. The more pain you take, the more pleasure you get. Got it, slut? Shut up or you won’t cum tonight, do you understand? Just shut up and take it. And don’t you dare fucking cum or I’m going to put welts on that ass of yours. Not yet. Hold on,” “Do you still want to cum? Then look me in the eye and ask me for more.

Put these on. Now. No questions. Pull the clothes out of the bag. Bright red sports bra, denim skirt, thigh high fishnets, and leather knee high boots. Next, eye-shadow in shades of blue and green, thick black mascara, and bright red lipstick. What do you think, slut? How do you look?

You know, you’re not so much a slave as you are a…sex toy for me. I mean, a slave at least has the choice to disobey. At this point, you don’t even have that. Yeah, you’re more of a sex doll. Come on, then, sex doll, what face should you be making? Your mouth should be wide open for cock, right? Good whore. Keep those cock sucking lips open wide. Sex dolls don’t ask questions,

Don’t move, You ever thought about being mummified before? Well, you better start thinking about it now, because its happening to you. Do you know what a sex doll is for? Good boy. And do you know what really pleases my cock more than anything, whore? Good. Breathe, Breathing is all you’ll have pretty soon. Yeah, I’d say you lost your chance to struggle out of this one or call for help. You’re pretty much fucked now.”

I hope you enjoy your little set up here. I thought you might want an hour or six to lay down and relax after your long night. This way, no one will be able to bother you. I even thought to lock the door, so you can sleep in without any interruptions. Enjoy, whore.

How are you feeling? We’re going to get you some food and water and let you rest, Want to spend one more night? That is, if you’re up for a little more playtime… Ready to start?

Restraints and toys. Your wrists are cuffed and your ankles shackled together. Clamps are put on your nipples, attached by a short chain so that they will pull on each other. Next, cock cage and butt plug.

The swing, maybe? Is my whore comfortable? Good. Don’t cry too loud and wake the neighbors! How do you feel? Don’t worry about it, cutie, These are the keys to the locks that are on you. Handcuffs, the locks on your shoes, your cock cage… All the keys you need to get free are here. Just one more lock… There. All locked up. Where would be a good place for these keys? This had better fit, because you won’t like my second choice of where to put it.

All right, here’s the deal, I’m going to head home and get some sleep. So you’re going to have to untie yourself. What? It should be simple. All you have to do is use your nails to unwrap your eyes and mouth…even though I used short pieces so you have to spend more time looking for the ends of them with your nails, it should only take you a few hours if you’re fast! Then you can take the keys out of your mouth and put them in the hole in the tree behind you, use your mouth to work the tape off your hands, get the tape off of all the locks, use the keys to free yourself, get dressed, and run home.

You might notice that your collar has a combination lock. There are five numbers in it. You’ll get the first number when you come back to play with me next weekend. Oh, and if you’re late, you’re going to be punished next weekend, so I would suggest getting a move on.

Spread your legs. You are my painslut, give me your balls, bitch. I’m going to cut your worthless penis off and hang it on my mantle.

I’m going to tie off your balls until they turn purple and fall off. Your worthless dick is mine and you will be my slave. It shows everyone that you’re an owned slut.

You will not serve any other Mistress. You are owned. I’m not done, painslut, you will also carry my brand, that I will burn into your skin. Anything to say, slut?

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